MysticRunes Webstore


Welcome to the MysticRunes server shop. This is the place to help the server and enhance your game experience. We currently offer ranks and gold.

- Ranks grant you access to special none game changing features, such as particle effects, sounds etc.

Cosmetic Crates  are crates that contain special cosmetic only items such as hats, particle effects etc.

Boosters are server wide multipliers that give boosts such as Double Stardust etc. to all online players for a specif amount of time.

- Gold is a premium currency that allows you to buy specific visual or global benefits. For example server wide booster, visual skins, effects, gadgets etc.


If the donation goal is reached a special weekend will be announced and started. This weekend can consist of a double exp boost, 20% more loot boost or other awesome events.


Payments are handled and secured by PayPal.